It’s not just about getting your driver’s license at Horázný Driving School. We also offer a wide array of legal services in the area of road traffic to our students. Since its founding in 2015, the Horázný Law Office has helped hundreds of clients.


If you’re in need of any road traffic related legal help, feel free to contact us by phone: 737 28 29 02 or email:


What we can help you with

traffic offenses

  • complete analysis and assessment of the risks arising from possible decisions in misdemeanor proceedings
  • representation of the accused during the entire proceedings


driver’s licenses

  • representation in driving license seizure proceedings
  • representation in proceedings for the return of a driving license after the expiry of the ban


driving schools and examiners

  • representation in proceedings pursuant to Act No. 247/2000 Coll., on the acquisition and improvement of professional competence to drive motor vehicles and on amendments to certain acts


demerit points (objections after reaching 12 points)

  • writing objections to the recording of points and a complete analysis of the situation
  • representation in opposition proceedings against the entry of points in the register of drivers


road traffic offenses

  • defense of the accused at all stages of criminal proceedings

  • legal representation in waiving the execution of the remainder of the injunction sentence


We deal mainly with the following areas of criminal offenses:

  • traffic accidents with injuries or death
  • hazards under the influence of an addictive substance
  • obstruction of the execution of an official decision


offenses of carriers and motor vehicle operators

  • representation in administrative proceedings concerning the relevant offenses


traffic accidents

  • representation of the accused of a traffic accident in misdemeanor and criminal proceedings
  • representation of the injured party in criminal proceedings against the perpetrator of the accident
  • settlement of compensation for all damages to the injured and survivors from the vehicle operator's liability insurance


To get a better idea of the entire process in your specific case, please contact us by phone at 737 28 29 02 or by email at

You can also find more information at


A number of misdemeanors and criminal offenses in transport are included in the point evaluation according to Act No. 361/2000 Coll., On Road Traffic. Therefore, if you are interested in legal representation, before visiting our office, we recommend that you obtain the following documents at the register of drivers from any municipal office of a municipality with extended powers (in Prague: Prague Magistrate, Business Center Vyšehrad, Na Pankráci 1685/17, 140 21 Prague):

  • Extract from the driver's registration card
  • Extract from the point evaluation

This will enable a complete assessment of all risks from the consequences of administrative or court proceedings in which we will represent you, thus saving you a lot of time.