Driving licence exchange

Drivers (whether foreigners or citizens of the Czech Republic) who are "habitually resident" in the Czech Republic and hold an EU driving licence have the option, but not the obligation, to exchange it for a Czech driving licence.

Holders of a driving licence issued by a so-called "foreign state" (other than the EU) are obliged to exchange it for a Czech driving licence under certain conditions. These are most often foreigners who have permanent residence or temporary residence in the Czech Republic for more than 1 year under the Act on the Residence of Foreigners in the Czech Republic. He or she must apply for a driving licence in exchange for a driving licence issued by a foreign state within 3 months of the date of his or her return to the Czech Republic if he or she is a citizen of the Czech Republic, or from the date on which he or she was granted permanent residence or temporary residence for more than 1 year if he or she is a foreigner.

In the case of a driving licence issued by a foreign State under the Convention on Road Traffic (Vienna 1968) and the Convention on Road Traffic (Geneva 1949). If the driving licence does not comply with these Conventions ('non-conforming licence'), then it may be exchanged under the following conditions:

  • - it is a non-conforming driving licence issued by a State which recognises driving licences on the basis of reciprocity with the Czech Republic. For the purpose of exchange, in addition to the driving licence, the driver must present a medical certificate of medical fitness


  • - if it has not been issued by such a state, the driver wishing to exchange the driving licence must undergo:
    • the conditions for passing a driving test at a driving school
    • a medical examination to prove medical fitness (medical certificate)

For details on the replacement of a driving licence, see Act No 361/2000 Coll., Section 116

Details of the driving licence replacement test:

What do I need to bring to the driving school?

  • Your valid driver's license that does not comply with the Conventions
  • your driving school application form

When can you take the test?

It is up to you.

What is the scope of the test?

It is similar to the final driving test at driving school:

  • Road Rules and First Aid test.
  • vehicle operation and maintenance (only for groups C, CE, D, DE)
  • practical driving (on a vehicle of each group you apply for)


Details will be given to you during your visit to the driving school.

Do you have to take practice driving?

The law does not prescribe it, so the test itself is sufficient. Due to the difficulty of the test and the fact that many foreigners have not driven in the Czech Republic before, we include the following minimum range for Group B:


  • 2 hours of consultation, especially on the subject of vehicle traffic regulations


  • 4 hours of driving training

We recommend at least one practice driving session of 2 hours for each other group so that you are sufficiently prepared for the rigours of the test.

How many times can you retake the test?

If you have failed any part of the test, you will only have to repeat that part of the test. You can only retake the exam twice. If you do not pass on the second retake, you must take a new course or training in that subject.

All exams must be passed within 12 months of the date of the first exam, otherwise you must take the full new tuition and training before you take the next exam.

What documents do you need to submit with your application for a replacement licence to the Drivers' Register (Municipality or Local Authority)?

  • Proof of professional competence - driving school proficiency test
  • a medical certificate of medical fitness no older than 30 days

Price list

Exchange of foreign driving licence

B – exchange of foreign driving licence
basic package 2 hrs theory, 4 hrs practical driving group B
12 900 CZK

The price list is valid as of 15. 4. 2024. All prices include complete instruction and training as specified by the law as well as the 21% VAT.

Prices for driving courses include the costs of the final exam. The administrative fee in the amount of 700 CZK that must be paid to the Municipal Authority and the fee for translating the exam is not included. All teaching and training lessons have 45 minutes, as stipulated by the law.

You can pay cash, via a bank transfer, or with a credit card.