Probational Driving licence

From 1 January 2024, every driver is monitored within 2 years from the date of granting of the driving licence whether he/she has committed an offence or a criminal offence for which 6 points have been recorded in the driving register.



According to the wording of the law, the following conditions also apply to those drivers who have been licensed for less than 2 years on 1 January 2024.

What is a "granted driving licence"? By the dicta of the Act, it is essentially the grant of any first driving licence for the class for which it can first be obtained. So: AM, A1, A2, A, B, B96, T. For the other groups the driving licence is "extended".

How does this work?

If a learner driver has an offence on their driving record for which they are recorded as having 6 points, then they are required by the Drivers' Register to graduate:

  •  a traffic psychological interview with a traffic psychologist; and
  •  training for novice drivers at a driving school

Within 3 months of receiving the notice, he must submit a certificate of completion of these two obligations to the Drivers' Register. Otherwise, he will lose his driving licence on expiry of this period.

If, in connection with an offence for which 6 points are recorded, a learner driver loses his driving licence due to a disqualification, then he must fulfil these two obligations in order to get it back. If more than 1 year has elapsed since the driving licence was suspended, the learner driver must undergo a traffic psychological examination, a medical examination and a driving test.

Details are given in Act No 361/2000 Coll., on road traffic, Section 102 (in Czech language)

These are the following offences and criminal offences:

These are the following traffic offences and criminal offences for 6 points:

Download here: 6 point traffic offences.pdf (in Czech language)


However, for those offences listed here for 0 points, points will be recorded according to the act that fulfilled the elements of the offence. For example, for section 148 of the Criminal Code, negligent injury by overtaking will be 6 points.

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